Adult Program

Innovations CMHC offers help to adults who display a wide range of psychiatric, emotional and/or behavioral problems including depression, psychosis, bipolar disorder, post-treatment stress disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and schizophrenia. The adult program is staffed by a team of professionals selected for their expertise in the treatment of psychiatric problems. The team consists of a psychiatrist, therapists, licensed registered nurses , social workers, psychiatric technicians and activity therapists who review patient goals and progress on an ongoing basis. Family members / significant others are encouraged to participate and be involved .

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Children & Adolescents’ Program

Innovations CMHC’s treatment program for children & teens (ages 5-17) is designed to help young people with disruptive, emotional or behavioral problems. Adolescents receive intensive treatment geared towards reuniting them with their peers and families the program focuses on helping the child cope with day-to-day circumstances that
May have a negative impact on their life, and thrives to improve their ability to function and quality of life.

Senior Care Services

The Senior Care program assists senior adults and their families in understanding and learning to cope with problems related to the aging process. Aging can present unique mental health needs and life challenges that older adults often find difficult to overcome. Our goal is to maintain and enhance the patient’s mental capacity and confidence during every stage of treatment , and to assist in maximizing their ability to function independently.

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Transportation is provided to and from the facility by innovations CMHC, LLC for any clients that need transportation.


A registered Nurse or LVN will coach clients on a one on one basis to teach the importance of medication compliance. Nurses will also assist clients in keeping medication logs in order to make physician visits more productive.

Bilingual staff

Therapists and Nurses are fluent in English and Spanish.


Family Therapy: Conferences & Consulting

When appropriate. family members, guardians and significant members of client’s life are invited to schedule family therapy sessions or conferences. Families or caregivers seeking additional help with a client’s symptom management are encouraged to consult with clinical staff. After hour appointments or phone consultants are available.